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  • Cocktail
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About us

Continuing the culinary tradition set by his mother, Mable, owner and chef Anthony Reyes brings to you a meal experience straight from the heart, with no shortage of the love and care integral to home cooking.

Some folks collect spoons, thimbles or stamps, my mother collected hungry hearts: friends, family, friends of friends, the downtrodden or the less fortunate she just met on the street. Hand in hand went “Come on in and let’s gets you something to eat” and “sit on down talk to me?” Our table was a never-ending banquet of characters, all with stories Mable wanted to hear while she cooked. She never met a stomach she didn’t want to fill with comfort food of her loving design, and no stomach left without a smile and a healed soul attached to it. This is what made her happy in life and still continues to this day. She got that and recipes from her mother, my grandma Adele, who had the same touch. (Grandma Adele was certain that if she could have cooked for Khrushchev and Kennedy in her house, the whole Cuba dust-up would have been over in 45 minutes, God rest her soul.) So it is that love of food and personal connection, home style cooking, and warm healing celebratory moments that were passed on from Mable’s table at home to me, her son, Anthony Reyes.

It is my dream realized to welcome you to “Mable’s Table” inspired by mom and grandma’s recipes, along with my home taught love of cooking. I am so pleased to add my culinary experience and training to take your dining experience to a wonderful place, taste and presentation with an old home feel, like the one I grew up with. Our aspiration and goal is to embrace the community and share some good to all. Mable comes in with regularity to see that I’m doing it ‘right’ as sterling mothers do. The unconditional passion that Mable represents shows in every inch of our restaurant from the moment you enter, to the first welcome smile, onto that first bite. You just may catch her at the door on your way in or out. You’ll know her when she hugs you and asks you your name (she already knows you’re hungry!) So come in, relax, and let us take care of you.

Anthony Reyes